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San Pedro de Cajas Tapestry Wall Hangings

The village of San Pedro de Cajas high in the Andes at an altitude of 4040 meters is known throughout Peru for the excellence of its tapestries.  These individual footloomed designs are made from wool that is washed, dyed and brushed before the actual weaving begins.  Men as well as women ply the wool, and both are involved with the dyeing.  All of the family members participate in the weaving process.

The technique of creating colors from animal, vegetable and mineral substances became a true art and science in the Andes.  Weavers prepare preliminary patterns for entire pieces, they memorize a variety of local motifs and preferred colors, and are completely familiar with the technical manipulations possible on their looms.  Scenes from the region and Andean culture predominate.

Each of these tapestries is truly a unique creation that you will be proud to own and show for years to come.

sp-285 Winged Llama SP-285

40" x 48"

Winged Llama

LA116  - $185.00

Sold Out
No Longer Available

sp-197 Peruvian Market Day SP-197

56" x  44"

Peruvian Market Day

LA115  - $225.00

Small San Pedros

These tapestries are smaller examples of the footloomed artistry of San Pedro de Cajas.

Peruvian Wall Hanging - Ranchero

Peruvian Wall Hanging - Alteplano

16" x  21"


LA118  - $17.50

Sold Out
No Longer Available

8" x  15"


LA117  - $10.50

Sold Out
No Longer Available

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