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Security and privacy are of great concern for people who shop on-line.  Will my personal or financial information be misused?  Will my name be added to a mailing list?  Is it safe to shop on-line?

We share your concerns.  The future of our business depends on answering these important questions correctly.

First, we promise never to share your personal or financial information with anyone else.  We are a privately held business.  No other company or individual has access to our customer information.   Your name, address, and credit card information will be used solely to complete the specific sales transaction at hand.

Second, we have arranged for a secure server which assures the safety of your credit card information.  All sales transaction data is encrypted before transmission over the Internet, and our procedures require a two step process for transmission of encrypted credit card data from our servers which adds another layer of safety.

Third, we hate spam.  Your email address will not be added to a list or shared with anyone else.  You will not be bothered by unsolicited email from us.

Finally, we are real people, not an anonymous corporate department, and we are directly and personally available to answer your questions and resolve your issues.   Our physical address and telephone number appear on nearly every page of our web sites, and we encourage you to contact us.

You can drive through traffic to the mall, wander from store to store looking for what you want, and wait in line to be served by a nameless clerk - all the while trusting to fate for your safety.  Or you can shop on-line in the security and privacy of your home or office.

We value your business, and we want you to feel good about shopping with us.  We promise always to honor your security and privacy.

Bill & Sandy

Bill and Sandy Chickering
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