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From California comes the unique artistry of Susan Bella.  Enjoy the whimsy and strength of her "wired" creations.

From Nose-N-Toes

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Four uniquely styled llama pins
designed exclusively for Nose-N-Toes

$27.50 each

  $36.50 with a decorative frame

wirehead.jpg (21679 bytes) Heads Up

A delicate weaving of two tones of wire, this llama head with a heart charm will dress up any blazer or turtleneck!

LJ201  -  Approx. 3" x 1 7/8"


$36.50 with a decorative frame

wiretopi.jpg (15855 bytes) Llama Topiary

No "green thumb" needed to own this bit of whimsy!

LJ203  -  Approx. 3 7/8" x 2"


$36.50 with a decorative frame

wirelove.jpg (19420 bytes) Llama Llove

The love shared by a llama mother and her cria is warmly captured in this special creation.

LJ206  -  Approx. 3" x 1"


$36.50 with a decorative frame

wirefram.jpg (6791 bytes) This decorative gold matte frame makes a great pin holder for your wired treasure.

Your wearable wire pin can be suspended on the small brass tack or remove the tack, and use as a picture frame.


Frame Alone:  $10.50
Or purchase with one of the pins above

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wireorna3.JPG (11298 bytes) Christmas Angel Ornament

A special work of holiday art sure to be remembered from year to year.



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