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Early Summer 2005
As June settles in toward July, the green turns to gold in California.  Pastures once soft with new grass mature to daisies and dry to thorns and foxtails.  Soon it will be too hot at midday.  But for now, everyone is enjoying the season.

Here are a few random photos from mid-June.

Afternoon in the back pasture.

Back Pasture

Taffy in the Daisies

Llama Taffy in the Daisies.

Yard work.  The daisies are pretty, but soon the flowers become little burrs.

Yard Work

Pig and Emus Wibur the Pig out for a stroll with some of the Emus.
Pig is a beautiful boy!  He is always glad to see us.

Wilbur the Pig

Turkey's new home Franklin the Turkey near his new home.
Franklin is very pleased with himself.

Franklin the Turkey

Rocket Flowers Sandy's amazing Rocket Flowers!
Spud the Dog is our best friend.

Spud the Dog


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