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12/23/98 - Sutter's Mill

It used to be that we had a little snow once every other year or so, and it would always melt by noon.  Snow days at this elevation (1400 ft. above sea level) were a novel event.  And to hear certain politicians tell it, one that we might never see again as world temperatures soar in the face of capitalist environmental piracy.   Perhaps Al can explain what went wrong this week.

Tonight is the fourth hard overnight freeze in a row - temps will fall to the mid teens.  The snow that fell on the 20th and 21st is still here, despite sunny days since then.  But the llamas are just fine.  In fact, they're prospering.

Here's a winter tip.  If your hands are getting cold, just sink your fingers into the nearest llama - its warm under all of that wool!

Here are some more snow pics:


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