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3/19/99 - Sutter's Mill

Among the most rewarding experiences of our life with the llamas is the time of year when the new llama babies arrive.  At Sutter's Mill, the babies - called cria - arrive in the spring.  This year we are expecting between 8 and 12 by the end of May.   Here are some photos of the first two.  Both are girls - Valacia is a big gray and white daughter of Lacy J and St. Valentino from Lora Crawford's herd near Turlock, California.  Tilly's Treasure is the dazzling white daughter of Chantilly and Robert Kincaid.


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Lacy J and Valacia

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Posing for the camera
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Lunch in the barn
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Valley and her mom

Tilly's Treasure

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Minutes after arrival
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Tilly's Treasure

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Treasure meets her brother Palyanzi

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Proud papa Robert

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