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Welcome to Nose-N-Toes!

Thanks for visiting my Web site.   I'm always looking for new llama treasures, and my Web site is where you can see  my new discoveries plus all of the fun Nose-N-Toes jewelry, craft, collectible and gift items.

Together with my husband Bill, our son Matt, and assorted dogs and cats and llamas, I live on a nice little ranch in the Sierra Foothills east of Sacramento. Life used to be more complicated - once upon a time I lived in the city and worked in an office with bosses and traffic jams and tight little shoes.  Now, my greatest joy is with the llamas, and in sharing my llama treasures with people all over the world.

Eldorado Craft Fair - Nov. '98

Eldorado Craft Fair - November 1998

Nose-N-Toes Jewelry & Collectibles is a family owned and operated small business based near Lotus, California on the Sutter's Mill Llama Ranch. From our background as llama breeders, we know that a nose and toes presentation is the best start that a baby llama can have - when you see the nose and toes, you know that everything else will come out just fine!! And that's how it is with Nose-N-Toes Gifts & Jewelry - you have our promise that everything will come out just fine.

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LANA Expo '99 -   Quincy, CA - July 1999
Photo by Shari Miller

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